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Pay with crypto! Tizer catalogue now localized

Smart way to spend crypto without any registration is just one click away!

Download Tizer wallet and buy various local and international goods and services with crypto using Tizer Pay catalogue.

Now localized for 7 regions: USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Venezuela.

A huge range of most popular goods and services as well as different marketplaces are available for crypto: clothes, food, games, mobile services, tickets etc.

How does it work?

Select your category, then the brand and you’ll be exposed to the Bitrefill page, where you will need to choose the amount of your gift code (certificate).

Important note: if you are going to select few goods or services, it is better to put them all in one cart and then proceed to checkout. Like this you will pay transaction fee only once.

Once you're done, use your gift codes to order goods and enjoy your shopping for crypto. In most of the services the gift code can be used for more than one visit.
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