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Crypto tranding demo zone

Wanna test drive real mobile crypto trading without spending money?
Welcome to out trading demo-zone right in your Tizer App!

If you’re new to trading or you just want to check out Tizer interface and features – download Tizer Wallet on AppStore or GooglePlay and choose Trade button in the bottom menu.

Here you can try real trade with real-time market exchange rates without spending any real money. To do so, swipe on Demo Mode in the upper right corner.

What is more, you need no registration to be able to access demo-trading. Feel free to use incognito mode all the way through. 

Tizer supports multiple blockchains, so you can choose from a wide range of coins and tokens.

Btw, have a look at the Bipoon market signals for each coin or token we support before start.

Have a great Friday!
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