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Meet out UI/UX designer Ruslana

We keep introducing you to the Tizer Crypto Wallet team👥🌟🔥

Meet our UI/UX designer Ruslana.

Originally from Russia, 🇷🇺 she started her career in 2016 as a web designer assistant in an active recreation startup.

In only a one year-term Ruslana was recruited as a chief designer for a sports nutrition company where she continued to do web design for PC and mobile devices. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

The company managed to collect statistics on the usability of the web site. 📈📊🌐

This data pushed Ruslana to start a career as a UX/UI designer.

At that time the number of mobile users started to prevail, hence the focus shifted to the mobile platform. 📲📲📲

Ruslana developed mobile layout skills and the competence for creation mobile applications.

In 2018 she created layout for a photo processing application.📸📱

Soon after she came to the @tizer_wallet and became completely devoted to creating the visual part of the application which aims to meet the latest design trends providing the most convenient and intuitive service for all users.👍👍👍

Ruslana’s hobbies are sports, fashion, psychology, photography and digital art. 🏃‍♀️👗🧠🎨💻