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What is an integrated Block Explorer?

Did you know, Tizer multi-chain wallet has an integrated Block Explorer?

Find out how to use it at your benefit.

Block Explorer can be compared with Google, as it is a search engine for a specific blockchain.

Each cryptocurrency that relies on its own blockchain will also have its own Block Explorer.

The information that is on the blockchain is anonymous (that is, there is no way to prove the linking of an address to a person), but also absolutely transparent and available to everyone.

Therefore, Block Explorer provides detailed information about the sender and receiver address, real-time status of a transaction, number of transactions for a specific address, amount of the transaction and the size of the commission.

When you make a transaction through Tizer wallet you can also trace it on Block Explorer right from the App!

You will always have a real proof that the transaction has been successful and has been completed.

IMPORTANT: If you do not want the person to whom you, for example, just transferred bitcoins for a cup of coffee🧋, to track how much money you still have on your address balance and where you received them from, then it is better to use different addresses for different transactions so that attackers cannot harm you in any way.

It is not at all difficult to create a new address (click on the “generate a new address” link under the line with the current address) in your wallet.

Tizer wallet uses the following great Block Explorers for different blockchains we support:

Binance (bscscan)
Huobi (hecoinfo)

Download on AppStore & GooglePlay for free.