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Our inspiretion case

We in Tizer are so much inspired by these words which belong to famous American computer scientist Alan Kay: “The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

Yes, we create the future day by day, following our core idea to unite the freedom and independence of cryptocurrencies with usability and security of the traditional banking sector.

Existing solutions in DeFi do offer some useful services, but have a number of limitations and disadvantages that prevent users from using the great potential of cryptocurrencies to the full extent.

Even advanced users have to download three or four different Apps to do all necessary tasks. While a crypto-beginner requires a lot of time and effort to get started.

So we combined all operations, currencies and DeFi services into one ecosystem based on a single App!

Convenient. Exiting. Secure.

Now you can easily buy, sell, send, store and even trade different coins and tokens in one wallet.

Check it out yourself by downloading multi-lingual Tizer wallet on AppStore or