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Find out in this post how the new version of Tizer Wallet prevents you from loosing funds while transferring tokens.

When a token is sent, the transaction fee is charged from the account in the main currency. E.g., if you want to send 10USDT, the commission will be deducted in ETH.

The commission may vary and talking about Ethereum, it can reach $9-10 for the minimum transaction of $10.

But here’s the problem: if there are not enough funds on the main account required for the token transfer operation, the system will write off the entire available balance, but the transfer will never be completed, nor the funds will be refunded. Thus, you will simply lose you money.

That is why it is so important to understand both the future size of the commission and the balance in the main currency before starting a token transfer.

We have solved this problem in the new version of Tizer 2.04.1

So, your wallet will do all the job for you and prevent you from losing your funds.

Tizer App will analyse the actual average commission for each token transfer you’re going to fulfil and warn you if you have run out of balance on the main account.

By the way, Ethereum has the most expensive commissions, which makes transactions of small amounts unprofitable in this network. Fortunately, Tizer Wallet supports other blockchains where transaction costs are lower.

For comparison, here’s the current sending price for USD stable-coin today:

Ethereum - $ 9

Tron - $ 0.4

Binace Smart Chain - $ 0.4

Huobi Eco chain - $ 0.01

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